Cheriton Balti & Tandoori

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Menu Cheriton Balti & Tandoori

Explore a new exciting world of culinary art and exciting dishes at our restaurant type. Our restaurant is the best interpretation of exciting dishes in the city. Our pallet consists of Set Meals of Vegetarian, Fish, Balti, and Tandoori. These meals are comprised of a starter, main meal, and side dish as well as some extras. You can enjoy a great selection of Mild Dishes too. We have Korma, Kashmir, and Malay as the main options. For our signature dishes, the Chicken Tikka Biriani, Bhuna Dishes, and Dansak will be great. A range of hot, sweet, sour and mild options are available. Our dishes are based on original recipes and there is no shortage of main course choices. The Tandoori Chicken, King Prawn Tikka Masala and Balti Chicken are all dishes that are enjoyed the world over and we have them in great variety. You can enjoy various prawn, meat, vegetarian or chicken dishes that are spread out across our huge menu. For rice dish lovers, the options are many too. Some worthy mentions include Plain Rice, Egg Fried Rice, Peas Fried Rice, and Garlic Fried Rice. The best sundries, masala, and side dishes are also served at our premises.

About Cheriton Balti & Tandoori

We dare you to come and experience the excellence of Cheriton Balti & Tandoori restaurant. Our expertise is one that has been cultivated over time and it is renowned all over town. Our dishes are tasty and beautiful works of art that will instantly ignite your appetite. With a stupendous collection of all the best recipes from India, you will find yourself in a food paradise at our premises. Every dish that we have on our menu is a masterpiece – having been prepared by talented chefs. Other than that, the dishes are also made from the best ingredients in town. The quality of every plate is therefore unlike any other. We also specialize in giving customers the best services. The philosophy that guides Cheriton Balti & Tandoori is one of harmony and brilliance. The goal of our team is to always find the right solution for each customer’s needs. Our experience has taught us to be prudent when it comes to the individual needs of every customer. In addition, we are very devoted and warm to all guests. Our overall service will thus give you joy and satisfaction. The experience at our restaurant is one that you will remember for a long time.

Restaurant location Cheriton Balti & Tandoori

We are located at 4 Cheriton High Street, Cheriton, Folkestone Kent, CT19 4ER area. Visit us today for the best Indian takeaway and quality hospitality services. We serve fantastic dishes every day and the atmosphere within our restaurant is superb. You can visit us for an instant service. It is easy to reach us via our apps. We have availed them for download via the App Store and Google Play. Reach us and order today for the best dishes in town.

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